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記錄學校國際化進程    探索實踐教學新途徑




Published by the English Department, the School of Humanities and Law    




 SHL’s Twelfth Five-Year Plan:

Advances in Teaching Technology and Resource in 2011


In 2011, four teaching laboratories have been set up in the School of Humanities and Law(SHL), which constitute a rich teaching resource for its future development. The four laboratories are the Human Resource Quality Assessment Laboratory, the Moot Court for Law Students, the Hotel Service Training Base, and the Interpreting Training Laboratory for English majors.

 Duo Jungang, the dean of SHL, says that SHL consistently encourages a teaching concept of putting theories into practice. The construction of the laboratories can help students comprehend what they have learnt and learn how to use professional tools to solve the technical problems.

The Human Resource Quality Assessment Laboratory is installed with human resource software, and is able to help assess the mental qualities of a trainee, which gives suggestions in job hunting and career development through a mock job interview.

The Moot Courtlocated on the forth floor of the new library, is a training base for law students to be familiar with the procedures of legal profession.

The Hotel Service Training Base aims at providing the students with a true-to-life experience of Chinese and Western food service and table manners.

The Interpreting Laboratory for English majors adopts the advanced Lancoo digital voice technology for the training of alternative interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, and sight interpreting, and has the function of note-taking display, automatic on-demand, and no-paper writing & reading test. Over the past 6-month trial period, it has received good reputation among teachers and students.

“The facilities of English major are one of the most advanced among the independent colleges in China”, Duo says when he talks about the interpreting laboratory, “it is used in interpreting course and practice for the juniors and seniors.”

Finally, Duo pointed out with special attention that Pioneer, the first English newspaper in NCBUCT, draws English closely to the students, since it uses English to record our daily life and serves as a good English teaching and learning resource. He adds that the newspaper is a very successful innovation and has its unparallel features. The above five pioneering advances in 2011 will become a solid foundation for the development of SHL in the twelfth five-year.

















1 鄧志超 英語1006 120
王壯一 英語0907 119



9  金岩   英語0803 110
楊苗苗 英語0909 109
鄧斌   英語0805 108
蘇可欣 英語0905 108
趙安   英語0905 107
喬靜月 英語0805 105
劉曉玲 英語0806 105
劉立娟 英語0807 105
王洋   英語0808 105
宋潤甯 英語0901 105
陳敏   英語1002 105




3 冀曉慧 英語0802 118
李建敏 英語0906 114
陳春秀 英語0801 112
陳陽   英語0804 113
許東娟 英語0802 111
梁鴻信 英語0905 111






最后我想说,从现实来讲,学好英語是一种趋势、一个潮流、是这个时代的需求。学好英語需要坚持、需要实践,更需要踏实努力。记住There is no royal road to learning!




2011年首屆京津冀人才交流大會在北京化工大學北方學院舉辦First Job Fair of Beijing Rim 2011 Held in NCBUCT


The first job fair of Beijing Rim 2011 was held in North College of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (NCBUCT) on May 7th, 2011.

The fair is collaboratively sponsored by the Human Resource and Social Security offices (bureaus) of Beijing, Hebei, and Tianjin, and attracts 656 companies to attend, over 160 of which are from Beijing.

In order to attract high-qualified talents, Municipal Human Resource Departments of Hebei Province offer some preferential treatments. For example, Tangshan implemented 8 preferential policies, such as providing family settlement allowance of 150,000 RMB for invested postdoctorals and doctors. Zhangjiakou sets up the “Green Channel” for introducing talents, and carries out a one-stop service for employment procedures. Chengde built up the high-tech business incubator park to attract high-tech entrepreneurship at home and abroad.

“With the rapid development of regional economy in Beijing Rim, the talents exchange in between becomes more and more frequent, and a network of job-hunting is coming into form,” said by Liu Jianying, the vice-director of the Personnel Exchange Service Center of Hebei Province. In the future several years, Hebei Province will pay more attention to the annual job-fair in spring and autumn, help guide the reasonable flow of talents in industries of this region, overcome the barriers of mechanism, and provide a new channel for sharing talents.

April and May are the peak time of job-hunting for university graduates. Hebei Province expects to set up a platform for graduates and many other job-hunters to have face-to-face communication with employers thus to promote employment.

It is the first time for NCBUCT to hold the job fair in Beijing Rim. Sheng WeiyongPrincipal of the NCBUCT, says that the job fair has not only provided opportunities for job-hunters, but also attracted qualified talents to Hebei to support the local economy.

Sheng says, “we have already launched a campaign named “Recruitment on Campus”, and some corporations in today’s job fair have already been into our college to recruit graduates. We will take this opportunity to broaden graduates’ horizon, and have them experience different business cultures. Job fair is an effective way to promote employment, and we are taking all necessary measures to keep the employment rate of graduates more than 90% this year.”






英語之星  English Star


Good News from the National English Contest (NECCS)


王壯一,来自英語专业0907班,全國大學生英語競賽B类一等獎获得者;國家勵志獎學金以及校级一等獎学金獲得者;曾在時代中國 魅力北院中英文演講比賽英文組演講比賽獲得第一名。

Wang Zhuangyi, majoring in English, is the first prize owner of the NECCS 2011, and was rewarded the National Inspirational Scholarship and first-grade scholarship of the school. She had ever won the first prize in the Modern China, Charming Campus Chinese & English Speech Contest. 

PioneerFirst, congratulations to you for your excellent performance. As we all know, this is a national English competition for college students, so there are many excellent students, and I think stress is conceivable. Then what makes you come to participate in this competition?

Wang Zhuangyi: As for reasons, I hold a belief that I can’t miss it. I’m full of passion. I think I’m ambitious and willing to face challenges. As an English major, I’m always open, outgoing and active in all kind of activities which contribute to our skills of communication.

PioneerIn the final stage, you have to enter in to the oral competition. You did very well in this round and can you tell us something about your learning experience

Wang Zhuangyi: Well, I’m brave enough to open my mouth and try to communicate in English. I also have a secret method, that is, I pick up one of my favorite movies and watch it for many times, until I can imitate every sentence and voice the movie. I find it fun to do the imitation. English corner also helps me a lot in oral English. I used to host the English corner as well. Everyone in it talks freely and learns many expressions which natives use.

PioneerVery interesting Do you have any stories about learning English to share with us?

Wang Zhuangyi: Well, when I was in the fifth grade in primary school, there was a TV program called Sunny Club which taught English in an interesting way. I was a big fan of it. Every day after school, I hurried home and sat in front of the TV, waiting for the beginning of the program, during which I noted down what she taught. I have been love with English since then. In addition, there are many teachers who help me a lot. I’m especially grateful to Miss Duan Jiayan. I enjoyed her class and learned not only knowledge but also how to deal with relationships between people. We   chat after class. She encourages me a lot before TEM4 and she offers me some books to study and I shall never forget her help and never let her down. We are close friend now.

PioneerWhat is your future plan?

Wang Zhuangyi: I plan to go further study and prepare for the post-graduate examinations. Maybe I’ll become a teacher in college which has always been my dream career.










Deng Zhichao, in Class 1006 of English Major, is another first-prize owner in the NECCS and the third-prize owner in the Vocabulary Contest 2010.

PioneerHow do you feel when you got this good news?

Deng Zhichao: I felt a little surprised and had never thought that I could win the first prize. I remembered that in the final contest, unexpectedly, the oral English section was tested by a recorder rather than a real person. The official hour was 3 minutes, but I could not say anything at the last 2 minutes. I think it requires us to develop the ability of oral English in the daily life. Before the contest, I downloaded some imitative tests on the internet and concluded the rules of each question type. Besides, I got a good result in the listening section, since I am fond of American TV dramas and English songs. I watched them time and time again, imitated the intonation and recited the scripts.

PioneerWould you mind talking about the memorable moments between you and your English?

Deng Zhichao: When I was an elementary school student, English was boring for me. After entering the middle school, my English teacher was humorous and had a special teaching mode. For an example, he showed the class a kind of fruit; anyone who could tell the English name of the fruit could taste it. I remembered clearly that I ate the most of the fruits and this made me have endless interests. And then, I got a full mark in the following unit quiz. I gradually found that it was a happy thing to learn English. Besides, during the past one-year study, Miss Zhang Rong had a positive effect on my study. I liked attending her classes and she would let us know different kinds of knowledge and expand our horizons. She would also create an English-speaking atmosphere for us and encouraged us to get rid of the fear to speak English.

PioneerDo you have any plan for your future study?

Deng Zhichao: Maybe I will go to America to experience the culture there in person to improve my English.









電影英語 English Movies

A Beautiful Mind






02:00:14,220 -->02:01:30,820

John Nash: 1994 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences Acceptance Address



Thank you. I've always believed in numbers and the equations and logics that lead to reason. But after a lifetime of such pursuits, I ask, "What truly is logic?" "Who decides reason?" My quest has taken me through the physical, the metaphysical, the delusional -- and back.

And I have made the most important discovery of my career, the most important discovery of my life: It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logic or reasons can be found.

I'm only here tonight because of you (wife, Alicia). You are the reason I am. You are all my reasons. Thank you.






1. It is only in the mysterious equations of love that any logic or reasons can be found.

It is… that… 是英語中典型的强调句型,意为“正是,恰恰是”。約翰用这个强调句型来说明爱情的重要和伟大!同时,这个句子还巧妙地运用暗喻的修辞手法,将爱情比作数学家常用的方程式,将爱情的过程比喻为逻辑推理,这个创意也非常巧妙。最理性的数学家看待爱情,也有着独特的视角。

2. You are the reason I am. You are all my reasons.





畢業之聲 Graduate

He Who Laughs Last

Laughs Best

There is a catchword among the students who are preparing for the examsHe who laughs last laughs best.

Lu Lili, graduated from English major in NCBUCT, is now studying at Beijing University of Technology (BUT). She gives us some suggestions on how to prepare for the post-graduate exam.

The first step is to create a Daily Schedule for yourself.

1. Get a notepad and write down the tasks to be done for next day. And to estimate and write down the time needed.

2. List the preferred items on your timetable. This will help you know to do the right thing at the right time.

The second step is to read extensively and thoroughly all the required knowledge in the textbooks. Take notes while you are reading. You should get familiar with all the knowledge points. Then do some exercises. At first you might rely on the textbooks, but during the latter period of the preparation, you should do exercises without looking at any references.

In the last stage, you are required to do the real test papers of previous years. Make sure to finish them in the given time. At the same time, recite the key points in the textbooks, and do more exercises. Make sure to review all the textbooks at least two or three times. Check time to time whether you have mastered all the important knowledge points.

Before the examination, proper relaxation, diet and sleep are necessary. Knowledge recalling will gain you confidence.

If you feel upset sometimes, try to encourage yourself with some inspiring sentences, music or movies or take part in the sport exercise such as jogging and playing basketball. Remember he who laughs last laughs best.








1. 每天需要完成的任務都记录在笔记本上,并在每一个任務旁边写下你完成它所需要的大概时间。








流行放送 West Wind


GrammyLady Rocks !


The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony took place on February 13, 2011 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Here's a look at this year's hottest hits in the pop, rock, and Rhythm and Country races. We can tell that, Lady Rocks!

Lady Antebellum: The Grammy’s Biggest winner

After winning big at Sunday's 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards, Lady Antebellum is already looking forward. The group's first thought after winning the coveted Record Of The Year? "We got a lot of work to do!" Charles Kelley told  the radio. Lady A has already been hard at work on their follow-up to the double-platinum song Need You Now, which also spawned wins for Song Of The Year, Best Country Song, and Best Country Album. "We're about halfway done, and we feel really great about what we've done so far," Kelley said regarding the new album. "The Grammy inspired us." Will the new album tell us what happens at half past 2 a.m. Stay tuned. And until then, you can catch Lady A on the in a town near you.  

Lady GaGa: Born to Pop

Last year, Lady Gaga released the world's best-selling album with The Fame Monster. She also picked up two Grammy Awards... but found herself ineligible for Best New Artist. This year, the often provocative performer is up for six trophies, including Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, for "Bad Romance." In related Gaga news, her new single "" cracked the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the 1000th No. 1 single in the chart's 52-year history.



剛剛在周日舉行的53屆格萊美上出盡了風頭,戰前女神已經馬不停蹄的計劃未來了。當組合剛剛贏得夢寐已久的年度最佳唱片獎時,查爾斯凱利對廣播電台說當時第一想法是“我們需要做的還有很多!”戰前女神在他們後續的雙白金金曲《此刻我需要你》(Need You Now)上下了很大的苦功,這首歌還同時爲組合拿下了年度最佳歌曲,最佳鄉村歌曲以及最佳鄉村專輯獎。對于這張新專輯,凱利說:“我們才做了一半,而且我們爲我們目前所取得的成就感到驕傲。格萊美給予了我們巨大的動力。戰前女神的新專輯會告訴我們午夜兩點半時發生了什麽嗎?那麽聽聽看,直到你能夠抓住去往你所在的城市的戰前女神。


去年女神卡卡的《超人氣:魔神》(The Fame Monster)全球銷量最佳,而且還賺得了兩項格萊美大獎,但是讓卡卡遺憾的是錯失了最佳新人獎。今年,前衛另類的女神卡卡憑借一首《羅曼史》(Bad Romance)瞄准了包括最佳流行女歌手在內的格萊美六個獎項。女神卡卡相關的新聞:她的最新單曲《生來此類》(Born this way)剛上榜就直奔美國公告牌熱門100的榜首。並且成爲了公告牌52年來第1000個榮獲桂冠的單曲。


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